Manufacturing Services


Teltonika – Your trusted partner!

We are one of the leading EMS company in the Baltic states!

We can meet all customers’ needs with our fully automated production lines that eliminate miscalculations to minimum.

With our 3 automated production lines we can assemble 450.000 components per hour and quickly switch to mass production.

Working with “Teltonika” will give you trusted partners, enhanced reliability and 100% quality.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Our company invites You to design and manufacture Your own product based on our modules. Our R&D and technical support departments can help to design and manufacture a brand new product or improve already created product. We successfully developed and sold already more than 4 millions products with these modules.

If You have any plans for 50.000 devices per year and You need experienced partner in Original Desing Manufacturing (ODM) – contact us and we will help You to achieve Your goals!




  • GNSS solution (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou, QZSS)
  • Anti – Jamming, AGPS available
  • Additional LNA to increase positioning accuracy while in low signal areas
  • 24 pin LCC package, 12,2 x 16 x 2,4 mm
  • Voltage range: 2,8 ÷ 4,3V, allows to power up TG1000 directly from Lithium battery
  • TG1000 Flyer (En) - Updated 2017-10-03





  • GNSS solution (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou, QZSS);
  • Anti – Jamming, AGPS available;
  • Very low weight, only 0,6 g.
  • 18 pin LCC package, 9,7 x 10,1 x 2,4 mm
  • Voltage range: 2,8 ÷ 4,3 V, allows to power up TG1400 directly from Lithium battery.
  • TG1400 Flyer (En) - Updated 2017-10-03



TM2500 TM2500_A


  • Smallest Quad-band GSM/GPRS+GPS+BLUE-TOOTH module on the market
  • Anti – Jamming, AGPS available;
  • Supports AAC codec decoding
  • Supports TCP/UDP and PPP protocols & multiple sockets
  • Supports Dual SIM/USIM
  • Supports charging control for Li-Ion battery
  • TM2500 Flyer (En) - Updated 2017-10-03
iso-9001 rohs-compliant

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Main electronic services provided by Teltonika directly to You

  • Complete industrialization of new products
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • SMT assembly – 3 full automatic SMT assembly lines
  • Through-hole technology (THT) assembly – 3 semi – automatic assembly lines
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) and visual inspections are made for each device
  • Wave soldering – RoHS and Leaded
  • Selective soldering – Lead free
  • PCB marking with laser – 100% trackable
  • Stencil production
  • X-Ray Inspection – BGA and PCSs are checked using X-Ray test
  • Conformal coating and PCB washing

Production capabilities

With three high speed surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly lines and 420 highly skilled employees, “Teltonika” is able to manufacture various products ranging from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers.



  • SMT assembly – 3 full automatic SMT assembly lines (total capacity up to 450 000 components/hour & 600 000 products/month) with smallest component size of 0201;
  • Through-hole technology (THT) assembly – 3 semi – automatic assembly lines;
  • Automated optical inspection (AOI) and visual inspections are made for each device;
  • Wave soldering – RoHS and Leaded;
  • Selective soldering – Lead free;
  • PCB marking with laser – 100% trackable.

All operation are carried out in our manufacturing facility in Lithuania therefore we offer the highest product quality and most definitely aim to exceed your expectations.

Sourcing Management

As an electronic manufacturing services provider, we place great value in monitoring and optimizing the entire supply chain and logistics. Accessibility to data is also a part of the supply chain – from parts ordering to their delivering. Since we manufacture our own products, there is always a wide variety of components in our stock. According to the needs of our customers, we can offer required component analog and this lets us to save time and keep up with the schedule.



Our products meet the highest industry quality standards and are provided to our customers in the required time frame.

  • “Teltonika” logistics team ensures that the products are safely packed and delivered to our customers on time.
  • We ensure optimal flow of components and materials to our facilities located in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • Components are provided from suppliers across the world.


Quality for “Teltonika” is when our performance exceeds your expectations and when we deliver your goods faster than expected. To be more precise quality is – collaborative, helpful and outstanding communication with the partners around the world.

Our company’s dedication to quality can be seen in every step of production – each operation has highest level of attention to avoid any kind of mistakes.

The aim and policy of “Teltonika” is to heighten the quality, improve in every operation to make the customer 100% satisfied.



We offer a complete chain of manufacturing for all kinds of products from industrial complex products to simple electronics with quality & reliability.

We consider every customer as a partner and when you have partner, you work like a team to find the best and cost-effective way until your product is delivered!

Our factory is ISO9001 certified to fulfill your requirements.

To keep up with newest technologies we must improve in every step, embracing the newest technologies we advance together with our partners – YOU.