RUT950 router review by Techvorace

Here is impartial review of our RUT950 router by Techvorace journalist Guy from France, full article you can find by this link:



We were rather impressed by the functionality of this router, although it is only a category 4, the LAN part remains in 100Mbs, the WiFi only supports IEEE 802.11b / g / n, but in 2X2 Mimo and 4G will not go beyond 150 Mbps.

In return, it is an ultra-complete device, which has 2 SIM card slots, an Ethernet WAN connection, or a WiFi WAN connection, all of which can work in Backup from each other (failover) or Load-balancing (without aggregate).

Full of features and protocols, it is an industrial router at the base, it is not complicated to implement, can be remotely controlled by SMS and can meet not only the basic communication needs, but also to specific needs.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to review all the possibilities in this article, we put the user documentation (in English) at your disposal at the end of the article to let you to discover other funcionalities.

Note a very complete administration and graphical interface with a possibility to organize the screen.

The Teltonika RUT950 is distributed in Europe and France at a price often below 200 €. And we keep track of the best rate for this product in our “Good Deals” section.

Note that Teltonika manufactures other equipment and if you need to control devices external to the router, there is an RUT955 version equipped with input / output interfaces, such as RS232, RS485 and GPS for example.