Социальная активность

Aside from working hard to improve our technology in order to meet our customers’ needs, we feel it is important to focus our attention on things other than business from time to time. That’s why Teltonika enjoys taking part in various social and charitable activities. Whether it be helping others by partaking in charitable causes, helping young people in developing their skills in various fields of technology and business, or just organizing leisure activities and events for its employees, Teltonika stays active both during and outside of business hours.


Teltonika has founded two IoT (Internet of Things) academies in Vilnius and Kaunas. Here students have the opportunity to acquire skills in programming, electronics and computer network engineering or computer-aided design (CAD). Promising students have the opportunity to become employees and develop their skills in our company.


For those who are interested in sales to business, Teltonika offers the opportunity to practice in our B2B academy. This is a place where you can gain knowledge and improve your B2B sales and communication skills. The most promising trainees have the opportunity to become Teltonika sales managers.


Helping others is one of the core values in our company. We feel obliged to help those who need it the most. We implement this not only by helping our employees achieve their goals, but also by volunteering and fundraising.