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Teltonika offer wide range of fleet management products dedicated for professional applications. We constantly upgrade our existing products and launch new ones to meet expectations of our customers.
If you do not find a product that can meet your requirements, please contact us as might have a solution available.

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    FM36M – Special LTE-M1/NB IoT/GSM trackers

    FMB9 – EASY small and smart trackers

    FMT1 – SPECIAL small and smart trackers

    FMB0 – EASY OBD trackers

    FMB1 – ADVANCED trackers

    FMA1 – ADVANCED trackers

    FMB2 – SPECIAL transport/applications trackers

    FMA2 – SPECIAL transport/applications trackers

    FMB6 – PROFESSIONAL trackers

    FMB96– SPECIAL transport/applications trackers

    FM30 – EASY 3G OBD trackers

    FM36 – ADVANCED 3G trackers

    FM63 – PROFESSIONAL 3G trackers


    Adapters and accessories for fleet management


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