WiFi repeater

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Product Description

WRP100 wireless repeater is designed to extend the coverage of your existing WiFi network. WRP100 is compliant with IEEE802.11b/g/n standards and can be used with most of the latest WiFi access points while not forgetting the older ones. Existence of internal antenna and integrated power supply means that no external accessories are required and using the device is as simple as plugging it into AC power socket.

WRP100 Package

Standard package contains

  • Repeater WRP100
  • QSG (Quick Start Guide)
  • Packaging box

Key Features

  • Complies with IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11b wireless standards
  • Internal antenna
  • Internal power supply
  • Bridged wireless interfaces
  • Three LEDs for easy status indication
  • One multifunctional button
  • Automatic connection to Teltonika’s RUT500 3G router
  • Configuration using web browser