TM2500 is one of the smallest and most powerful three-in-one function modules in the market containing GSM/GNSS/Blue-tooth.

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Product Description

TM2500 is one of the smallest and most powerful three-in-one function modules on the market. It contains the latest TELTONIKA LGA land grid array for GSM/GNSS module. With integrated QuadBand GSM/GPRS network and combines Blue-tooth, GNSS technology, it allows communicate with module and track variable assets at any location and any time with signal coverage.

Low power consumption

Module’s extremely low power consumption in sleep mode makes it flexible for applications, where power saving demands are higher than usual.

Ultra small size. All in one – GSM/GNSS/Blue-tooth

Three different technologies in one: GSM/GPRS, GNSS and BLUE-TOOTH! TM2500 module offers an opportunity of the most efficient use of your PCB space, while obtaining all the necessary M2M technologies, which makes this module irreplaceable in all possible M2M applications and very practical for large scale manufacturing reducing manufacturing costs significantly.

Dual SIM/uSIM support

Implement dual carrier/dual SIM failover feature into your products, compatible with industry standard SIM cards from worldwide Mobile carriers. Retain constant GSM/GPRS connection with your device, prevent down-times and delays of data collection.

Li-ion battery charging control

Protect your batteries and devices, and extend battery life time with integrated charging controls, which monitors correct charging depending on battery temperatures. No need for additional charging-control circuit on your device’s board.


Experience shortest times of acquiring GPS satellites due to A-GPS support. Your TM2500 module will acquire and track satellites even at indoor GPS signal levels.

Technical details

General Information:

  • Quad band (850/900/1800/1900)MHz
  • GPRS Multi-Slot Class 12
  • GPRS Mobile Station Class B
  • Operational temperature range -30oC to +85oC
  • Small size (17x17x2.5)
  • Supply Voltage (3.4 ~ 4.2 V)
  • Dual Sim/USim Support
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Low power consumption
  • LCC type footprint
  • Real time clock
  • Jamming detection
  • Superior GNSS sensitivity

GNSS Specification:

  • Cold start -148 dBm
  • Hot start -163 dBm
  • Tracking -165 dBm
  • Tracking: 33 / 99 acquisition channels
  • Hot Start < 1s
  • Warm Start < 25s
  • Cold Start < 35s
  • With additional GNSS features (EASY, EPO, FastFix) enabled:
    • Cold start < 13s
  • NMEA-183 protocol
  • Accuracy < 3m

User Interfaces:

  • Real-time clock (RTC) operating with low current power supply
  • 2 sets of PWM output
  • 24 external interrupt lines
  • 1 external channel auxiliary 10-bit A/D converter

Module is Certificated by:

  • FCC
  • CE
  • GCF