SIMPLE-CAN is a warranty-friendly solution that connects into the CAN Bus system to remotely access added understanding into the performance and usage of a vehicle. Vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is not violated!

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Product Description

Supported devices

To achieve contactless data reading, SIMPLE-CAN adapter should be used in combination with LV-CAN200, ALL-CAN300 or FM6320/FMB630 to read J1939 CAN data.

Benefits of SIMPLE-CAN

Contactless connection to the CAN bus of the vehicle! It reads can bus data through the isolation of wires without damaging them and forwards signals to tracking device.

Technical details

  • Power supply voltage 9-63 V
  • Power supply current:
Mode 12V 24V
Active 8.3 mA 4.3 mA
Standby 1.6 mA 0.91 mA
  • CAN-BUS speeds from 33,33 to 500 kb/s
  • Automatically sets CAN Low, CAN High polarity
  • Automatically adjusts signal level and speed


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