2G modem with one COM port

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Product Description

  • Manage your remote devices in real-time!
  • Send and receive e-mails!
  • Browse WEB databases!
  • Access VPN!
  • Send SMS messages from your PC or server!

Teltonika ModemCOM/G10 is a simple, but powerful tool for wireless connection of personal or industrial computer to the Internet. This device acts like an ordinary modem, controlled by AT commands, so almost no changes would be required, if you used a fixed line modem before and want to upgrade to wireless modem.

Real-time business transaction, sending and receiving e-mails, browsing WEB database, accessing VPN and sending SMS messages from your PC or server – all in your hand! With the help of Teltonika ModemCOM/G10, you can maintain your top mobility, easy access to the Internet no matter you are in a train, bus, or in a car.

Unlike PCMCIA modems, Teltonika ModemCOM/G10 can be connected not only to notebook, but to any PC having COM support.

Technical details


  • Up to 9.6 kbps.


  • Quad Band GPRS modem 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Capacity class 4 (2W) 850/900 MHz waves
  • Capacity class 1 (1W) 1800/1900 MHz waves
  • GPRS class 10
  • GPRS CS1 – CS4

Terminal Equipment Interfaces:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Win 2000, XP (SP2)
  • Drivers available: Linux kernel 2.4.32 or higher; Mac OS X


  • DB9 female for connection to PC
  • 3,5 mm / 1,35 mm power supply connector
  • Convenient push-push SIM card holder
  • SMA connector for GSM antenna (optional)


  • Housing dimensions: LxWxH 94mm x 64mm x 28mm (not including external antenna connector)

Package contents:

  1. Teltonika ModemCOM/G10
  2. Power Supply (European and American versions available)
  3. RS232 cable
  4. A CD with drivers and User’s Manual
  5. A Quick Start Guide
  6. GSM antenna (optional)

Features on demand:

  • External antenna
  • Support of more than one SIM card

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