Merchandising automatisé

Vending machines

Vending sector is one of the most competitive and user experience-sensitive business. IoT solutions provided for this sector enables our clients to do both reduced costs and ensure the best customer experience. A stable and reliable internet connection allows vending companies to see the status of every vending machine and ensures that customers will always find a fully functioning machine with merchandise he is looking to buy. Wireless connectivity allows flexibility for vending companies which is crucial in maximizing revenues by changing vending machine locations.

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The entire world uses banks to safely keep their money. However, when the time comes to withdraw money from the an account, an ATM is usually the device which is used. Teltonika is proud to be a part of creating a user-friendly and reliable solution for ATM’s by providing a non-interrupted and safe internet connection. This allows everyone to get money from ATMs safely every time they need to.

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