We are proud to inform that FMB640 device is compatible with the Siemens DTCO VDO 4.0 new generation tachograph for remote DDD files download. The connection and configuration of the device stays as easy as before – no additional cables or configuration changes is needed – you will be able to use the same connection and same configuration as before – only firmware update is required (can be done remotely via FOTA WEB). Additionally, our WEB TACHO server also supports VDO 4.0 DDD files*

*Please contact your sales manager to check if your WEB TACHO server needs to be updated.

Legal Regulation

According to the latest EU regulations, June 15th 2019 is the date that all newly registered or newly equipped vehicles over 3.5 metric tons that are used for commercial purposes will be mandatorily fitted with new generation smart tachographs. New tachographs will have integrated GNSS module and new speed sensor, DSRC Interface that will let the information about security breaches to be transferred while driving, hence reducing the instances and time that the vehicle will be stopped. Additionally, drivers will be able to accept or reject the transfer of their personal data.