Exhibition Infobalt 2005, booth S1.08, Vilnius

We invite you to visit our stand in exhibition INFOBALT 2005

GPRS/EDGE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Stand S1.08  October 27-29th, 2005, Vilnius

We will introduce these solutions:

Mobile Internet

– Internet as mobile as you are

– SMS sending from PC

Stationary mobile voice/data terminals

 Voice and data transfer

– Fax

– Voice over IP

– Internet as mobile as you are

– SMS sending from PC

Vehicle tracking systems

– Localisation and management of your vehicles in real time

– Real time automated control and event system

– A powerful tool for planning of logistics (Geo-fencing)

– Automated recognition of drivers, trucks or trailers (RFID)

– Control and management of cargoes (Bar codes)

– Monitoring of temperature of transported cargo

Wireless security systems

– Safe home

Pass control systems

Wireless controllers