200 000 devices connected to Wialon platform!


We did it again!

While constantly on TOP of Wialon platform rating of manufacturers, we move forward and hit a new record - 200 000 devices connected to Wialon platform! It took less than 2 years to achieve this stunning result after Gurtam announcement of 100 000th device on 13th of March, 2017. We are very happy to have a partner as Gurtam who is worldwide leading fleet management software provider.

According to Gurtam statistics TOP3 fastest growing Teltonika devices are: FMB120, FMB920 and FMB125. We are glad that more and more customers choose FMB platform devices to full fill their solutions. According to many telematic service providers feedback, they prefer FMB platform devices, because of its undeniable advantage over not only competitor devices, but also older Teltonika trackers. That’s why some of TSPs are also replacing FM11 or FMA1 series devices to FMB. That’s evident because of benefits FMB platform provide. More advanced features even on low-cost devices, lower power consumption, Bluetooth features, better management tools, these are the least to name.

We believe that this is just another brick in the wall and more milestones together with Gurtam are to come, with no need to wait another two years!