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What is Teltonika B2B academy?

B2B, or in other words – business to business, is a model that focuses on selling products and services to other companies. Teltonika B2B academy – it‘s a place, where you can gain knowledge about sales and improve your B2B sales and communication skills.

financial benefit
A sales managers success is linked to their ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and openly, while maintaining positive client relationships, furthermore, it's critical for sales people to adapt their message to the needs and preferences of the customer.
Financial welfare is one of the key motivators for sales persons as well as for the customers, however not all the sales persons have a right skills to transfer their problems to a numbers.
Sales can be the best-paid job or one of the worst. The key to making your sales job one of the best paid is to master the critical success skills.
The best Teltonika B2B Academy graduates will have an opportunity to join Teltonika sales/business development team. One TOP graduate will be awarded by 1000 EUR, also, every trainee from Teltonika B2B Academy will get a graduation certificate.


Have you ever imagined yourself in sales? Then B2B academy is a place for you! Here you can learn how to communicate in business language, create professional presentations, gain objections overcoming, negotiation and active sales skills.

Business communication

Sales techniques

Negotiation skills

Objection handling


Professional business communication

Professional business communication is essential to the success of any corporation. First step to be successful - to be a professional.

Sales techniques

For those who is just getting into sales or need to improve your sales skills, learning some time-tested closing techniques is a good place to start.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation is a huge part of the sales process. Negotiation points should be included in your preparation for every sales presentation.

Objections overcoming skills

It is one of the stages of salesperson during his personal selling where he has to handle certain objection and resistance of the customers.There are certain times when the customer argues and differs from the demonstration and explanation given by the sales person to him.

Tool of selling ideas – presentations

Learn about effective sales presentation tips and ideas that leads to the next sales stage.


Do not miss a chance to join the Teltonika B2B Academy and be on your way to becoming a successful sales professional and apply now.

Who can apply?

Students, who have completed 2nd or 3rd course of business management, IT, economics, marketing, social and communication sciences will sign with us and university a tripartite practice agreement. Also, if you are no longer a student, then you can also apply and we will sign a voluntary practice agreement.

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