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B2B academy

About Us

If communication is your core strength, your future prospective is related with earning big money being SALES or SALES management person, then Teltonika B2B Academy is the place where you can gain professional sales knowledge and improve skills of business to business sales and communication.

Do not miss a chance to join the Teltonika B2B Academy and be on your way to becoming a successful sales professional within one of the top-rated companies in the IoT industry.

Learn to develop professional business communication skills, for creating stronger relationships with potential customers. All of these competencies will lead you to a professional sales person:

  • Professional business communication
  • Sales techniques
  • Negotiation skills
  • Objections overcoming skills
  • Tool of selling ideas – presentations

Course Types

  • Practice of active sales and business models understanding
  • Real business cases solving experience
  • Benefit from the knowledge of IoT industry experts
  • Career opportunities- the best Teltonika B2B Academy graduates will have an opportunity to join Teltonika sales/business development team
  • TOP graduate will be awarded by 1000 EUR
  • Graduation certificate