Vision and values


Our vision is to provide added value for people and companies by creating and manufacturing electronic devices and solutions.

As one of the most reputable electronic manufacturers in the Baltic states, our most important goal is to make everything faster than promised and provide the highest Quality.

With customers and experience in various industries, including Military, Medicine, Telecommunications, GPS, Automotive, Computers, Laser, we can provide you more than you will be expecting.



For over 20 years we have been consistently working towards creation of Internet of Things (IoT) with a goal where our products and solutions would  become an integral part of all businesses around the world.

We strive to have all  of our products, while created based on the cutting-edge technologies, become leaders in the market of Internet of Things.

Teltonika Vision and values

Steady growth – TELTONIKA has already reached 500 employees mark. However, without stopping there, by 2020 we aim to have a team of 1000 professionals here in Lithuania, and at least 3000 more employees around the world, for our milestone  for company’s turnover is to exceed 1 bln. €.

Attention to employees – realization of expectations in accordance with desires and capacities of each employee: environment for learning and self development, career opportunities, adventures.

Responsibility – accomplishment of client’s expectations and 100% fulfillment of all commitments and obligations.