Teltonika RUT850
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RUT850 is a compact and slim design LTE wireless router.

  • 4G (LTE)
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi
  • SMS
  • Wi-Fi antenna type
  • DIN – digital input
  • Backup WAN
  • Wireless Hotspot
  • Ignition detection
  • RMS support

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Product Description

RUT850 is a compact and slim design LTE wireless router. It supports latest IEEE802.11n and IEEE802.11b/g WLAN standards and provides wireless transmitting and receiving rate up to 150 Mbps. LTE – up to 150 Mbps DL and 50 Mbps UL.

4G icon

LTE support

Whether it is a long family trip, a camping spot or a need to access a back-end office – RUT850 has you covered. This sleek automotive router supports high speed LTE CAT4, which provides speeds of up to 150Mbps for your leisure or business demands.

WiFi icon

Wireless network

With support of latest IEEE802.11n and IEEE802.11b/g WLAN standards you can be sure, that full LTE CAT4 potential can be realized: no bottlenecks from LTE to WiFi. Connect multiple devices, watch movies, video streams, or connect to remote surveillance equipment with ease.

Power icon

Power supply

RUT850 can be used either in light vehicles or busses, trucks and other heavy transport, which utilizes 24V battery. This is achieved by wide input voltage range and voltage surge protection – no need for additional surge protection equipment. Power supply socket connector has an Ignition digital input, which controls router’s sleep mode status.

Android icon

Android app

Set up your internet connectivity and be ready to go in minutes with just a few clicks from your smartphone. Manage and monitor router’s performance without physically connecting to the device.

RMS icon

RMS support

Manage your routers fleet remotely. With full support of centralized Teltonika Remote Management System you will be able to access, control and monitor all of your routers within a single platform. This will help you make better decisions for future installments and best-use practices.

RUT850 Schema

Teltonika RUT850 Package

Standard package contains

  • Router RUT850.
  • Power cable (2 m).
  • 2 x LTE antennas (adhesive, FAKRA-D, 3 m cable).
  • 2 x screws.
  • 2 x adhesive tape profiles.
  • 2 x hook and loop profiles.
  • QSG (Quick Start Guide).
  • Packaging box.

  • 4G (LTE) –Up to 150 Mbps i Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals.
  • 3G –Up to 42 Mbps i 3G is the third generation of wireless mobile telecommunications technology.
  • 2G –Up to 236.8 kbps i General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet oriented mobile data service based on the 2G technology.
  • Wi-Fi –Up to 150 Mbps i Wi-Fi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless with 2.4GHz radio frequency signal
  • SMS i Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component.

  • DIN – digital input i Digital Inputs allow device to detect logic states 1 (enabled) or 0 (disabled).
  • Mobile antenna type –2 x Fakra
  • Wi-Fi antenna type –Internal
  • Input voltage –7 – 30 VDC
  • SIM card slots –1
  • Operating temperature range –-40 °C to 75 °C
  • Storage temperature range –-45 °C to 80 °C
  • Power consumption –< 5 W
  • Mounting options –Screws, Velcro, adhesive tape
  • LED indication –Power, status, signal, ethernet

  • Ignition detection i A vehicle ignition detection function, based on a configured ignition source (External power voltage, Digital input 1 or Movement).
  • Remote configuration over SMS i The remote configuration via SMS gives an ability to configure the device via SMS
  • Automatic and manual operator selection i Device can select network operator automaticly and manually
  • Static routes i Static routes can be configured on device
  • NTP i Device internal clock can be sinchronized via internet with NTP (Network Time Protocol)
  • Wireless Hotspot i Device has Wireless Hotspot. Wireless hotspot is more advanced version of Wireless Access Point with more customizability
  • Wireless Client i Device can connect to another Access Point as a client (Wi-Fi WAN)
  • Wireless AP i Device can work as a wireless access point
  • Ping reboot i Device can take appropriate action if it cannot ping specific IP address
  • Periodic reboot i Device can be configured to restart periodically
  • Backup WAN i Backup WAN feature allows device to swtich to secondary internet source if primary one fails
  • Mobile Traffic counter i Device can display mobile traffic usage information
  • Connection status overview bar i All device information can be seen in one page (System information, network information, connection status, recent events)
  • Configuration backup/restore i Device configuration can be saved to file and uploaded to same or other routers
  • Send/receive SMS i Device can send and receive SMS messages
  • Status via SMS i Device status information can be received from device via SMS message
  • SMS reboot i Device can be restarted via SMS
  • 3G/4G enable/disable via SMS i Device's mobile connection (3G/4G) can be enabled or disabled via SMS message
  • Wireless on/off via SMS i Wireless device adapter can be controlled remotely via SMS
  • Web Filter i Device can block specific host names or only allow users to access host names from the white list.
  • Mobile on Demand i Device can disconnect it's data connection after specified amount of time of inactivity. (Only use data when it is needed)
  • Mobile Data Limit i Device can stop providing internet access if mobile data limit is reached.
  • Event logging i Device can log events, e.g.: leassed IP addresses, connections, system events, SMS messages
  • Call Utilities i Device can take action if it recieves a call. Actions: reboot, get status, turn Wi-Fi on/off, turn mobile data on/off, turn output on/off.
  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) i Firmware over the air solution. Device firmware can be updated from server.
  • Integrated speed test i Device has integrated speed test functionality
  • Network Scanner with Topology display i Device can scan network topology (both LAN and WAN) and display it graphically
  • Disable Roaming i Device can be configured to not use mobile data while its in roaming
  • SMS gateway i Device has: HTTP Post/Get, Email to SMS, Scheduled SMS, SMS Forwarding and SMPP functionalities
  • Firewall i Device has configurable firewall (Port forwarding, traffic rules)
  • IP/MAC filter i Device can block devices with certain MAC addresses or allow connect only those devices, which MAC addresses are in the MAC list
  • DHCP server i The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol used to assign IP addresses and provide configuration information to devices such as servers, desktops, or mobile devices, so they can communicate on a network using the Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Dynamic DNS i Dynamic DNS (DDNS) is a domain name service allowing to link dynamic IP addresses to static hostname.
  • RMS support i Device supports Teltonika's RMS (Remote Mangement System)

Technical details


  • FDD B3(1800), B7(2600), B20(800), B1(2100), B8(900) MHz
  • Up to 150 Mbps downlink speed
  • Up to 50 Mbps uplink speed
  • All bands with diversity


  • B1(2100), B8(900) MHz
  • DC-HSPA+ mode: Downlink up to 42.0 Mbps
  • DC-HSPA+ mode: Uplink up to 5.76 Mbps
  • UMTS mode: 384 kbps DL, 384 kbps UL
  • RX diversity antenna


  • B3(1800), B8(900) MHz
  • Power Class 4 (33dBm ±2dB) for GSM 850/900MHz
  • Power Class 1 (30dBm ±2dB) for GSM 1800/1900MHz
  • Power Class E2 (27dBm ±3dB) for EDGE 850/900MHz
  • Power Class E2 (26dBm +3/-4dB) for EDGE 1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS: 85.6 kbps DL, 85.6 kbps UL
  • EDGE: 236,8 kbps DL, 236,8 kbps UL


  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 131 mm x 79 mm x 17 mm
  • Weight 106 g
  • Input voltage range 7 – 30 VDC
  • Power consumption < 5 W
  • Operating temperature -40 °C to 75 °C
  • Storage temperature -45 °C to 80 °C
  • Operating humidity 10 % to 90 % non-condensing
  • Storage humidity 5 % to 95 % non-condensing


  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi standards
  • AP and STA modes
  • 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA&WPA2 encryption methods
  • 2.401 – 2.495 GHz WiFi frequency range
  • 20dBm max WiFi TX power
  • SSID stealth mode and access control based on MAC address


This product partly contains open source software. For more information please click here.

Mobile App

RUT850 Mobile application offers the most important functionality directly to your mobile:

Configuration icon


Status tracking

Status tracking

Speed test icon

Speed test

Android icon

Available on Android operating system devices

Application can be downloaded from Google Play Store: download Android version.